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Poetry Series

CORDAY, by Michael Mott - "Corday may very well be the finest single book of poetry written in English in the last half of the 20th century." Newly revised trade paperback edition, $15.95

ADAM and CAIN by Michael Graves - A book not to be missed! Here are just a few of the critical raves: "This is a powerful book by a powerful poet" "Graves has created a dark visceral myth… Visionary. $15.95

JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH by Djura Papharhaji - The only English translation of the poems of greatest modern Rusyn (Ruthenian) writer. "These are poems that can break your heart, make you smile, and teach you how much we lose neglecting work from any language." $15.95

GRAND DETOUR by J. Tarwood - A poetic Hemingway, expat. experiences create a moving canvas."$15.95

A CANTICLE FOR PALMQUIST, by Steven Fortney – “Strong stuff! A poet who takes huge chances” $15.95

FATHER OF WATER, by Charles Pierre – “a contemporary Robert Frost - enduring pleasure.” $15.95

WHY THE DWARF HAD TO BE SHOT, by Sasha Skenderija - "powerful poetry translated from Bosnian by Prof. Wayles Brown" "This is a necessary book!" $15.95

LUMINIST, by V.T. Abercromdie – “wonderful, moving poems” $12.95

THE BROKEN BONE TONGUE by Dianna MacKinnon Henning – “an artist with enormous heart” $15.95

STRICKLAND PLAINS & OTHER POEMS by William Swarts –”A classic historic narrative & many other fine poems.” $15.95

BRIEF TERM by Lois Marie Harrod – “Stunning, marvelously honest…” Prof. Denise Duhamel $15.95

AND THE SEA IS NO MORE by Drago Stambuk (transl. by Aida Vidan) – “Stambuk is a real poet.” Raymond Carver. Croatia’s top living poet. $15.95

AS LONG AS WE NEED by Lyman Grant – “A collection that at times moved me to tears” – John Lee $15.95